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Frequently Asked Questions


I don't have a Wisconsin Quest card to access my FoodShare benefits, how can I get this card?

Call 877-415-5164 for a new card. Visit the Quest Card site for additional assistance by clicking here.

More languages available here: under Publications, then the Work Requirement for Adults Age 18 through 49 and there you can select your language.

What are the exemptions to the work requirement?

If you feel you are unable to comply with the work requirements, please contact your FSET Case Manager or Call the Northern IM Consortium.

What are time limited benefits?

Certain adults ages 18 through 49 who do not have any children under age 18 living in the home may need to meet a work requirement to keep getting FoodShare benefits. If you need to meet the work requirement and do not meet it, you may only get three months of FoodShare benefits in a 36-month (three-year) period. Some adults may also be considered exempt and may not need to meet the work requirement.

When do I need to report a change?

Please read the change report instructions very carefully. There are different instructions depending on the type of change that occurred.

I was told I need to complete a specific form, where can I find it?

You'll find a few of the most common forms requested below. If you are searching for a different form, please call our call center for additional help at:


How do I verify my self-employment?

Due to the complexity of self-employment cases and verification, please call our call center for more information:


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