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Programs of Assistance

The Northern Consortium offers a variety of programs to families and individuals. These programs are provided under our consortium model.

All applications for assistance including healthcare, food programs, child care, and caretaker supplement are processed through our network of economic support specialists. Our specialists work in teams within our Northern Consortium to ensure staff are highly trained in individualized needs such as disability programs, child care, and for family or individuals.

To speak with an economic support specialist, call the Northern Consortium Call Center at 1-888-794-5722.

ACCESS is the online website that allows clients to apply for new benefits, check the status of a new application or current benefits, renew benefits, or make changes to their information online for Medicaid programs, Food Share, Child Care, and others. If your program isn’t listed in this section, please see our resources page for other programs that may be offered by your county or directly through the state.

**Please remember that energy assistance must be applied for by calling your local county to set up an appointment time. Click here for more information.

Forward Health Member Services


Quest Card Customer Service


Click on the links below to learn more about the programs we offer!

Please make our call center or local office aware of , or indicate on your ACCESS application any disability, or language needs so accommodations can be made for interactions. Please contact our call center for more information at 888-794-5722

Four Ways to

Apply for Benefits:

Apply online 24/7 with ACCESS by clicking the link above. Also available in Spanish.


Our call center specialists will connect you with an interpreter available in many different languages!


When scheduling a face-to-face appointment, please let our call center specialists know if you need an interpreter present at your appointment.

Call to request a paper application be sent to you:


You can also find a complete listing of printable applications in our available languages here:

Application Language Listings

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